Men's Thong Bikini Styles


Brazilian Bikinis: Has the name would suggest this style of bikini originated in Brazil. The rear cut is very narrow allowing anywhere from 30% to 60% of the butt to be exposed. The Brazilian bikini offers a lot more coverage than a thong but is still considered an extremely sexy swimsuit for men or women. The Brazilian bikini started life as a design for women but as men realized how stylish they are, how smoking hot they look and how comfortable they are to wear they transitioned over to this very popular style. This style of bikini is completely legal on every beach I have ever come across.

String Bikinis: String bikinis are the essence of sexy. Most have little tiny spaghetti straps which is shop talk for spandex covered strings that hold a tiny pouch to a rear that generally does not but can offer full coverage. This is a slinky little style that is great for tanning in but not wonderful to use in the surf.

Bulge Bikinis

Low Cut Bikinis

High Cut Bikinis

Speedo Bikinis: There are many men that consider a Speedo a bikini and refer to them as Speedo bikinis. The truth is that Speedos are not bikinis they are briefs. Speedos are popular the world over for leisure and for competition. Personally I love the way a Speedo feels in the water. They are great for swimming laps and even for body surfing but I am not in love with the tan line they leave. For my tastes they are just way too conservative to tan in and they tend to compress the penis without going for that true femme look.

Transformation Bikinis: aka male to female transformation bikinis, aka pussy look bikinis, aka vagina look bikinis, aka femme style bikinis. Transformation bikinis are one of the hottest segments in all of swimwear and in many men’s thong bikini companies they absolutely rule. With all the talk about sexual identification, changing outlooks and values and sexual openness and awareness it was only a matter of time before there were swimsuits, underwear, shorts and even tights that offered men a true and realistic female experience. These designs are extremely popular with the transgender community and crossdressers too but what amazed the companies that jumped head first into this very exotic category is how many men who identify as straight, gay and bisexual are drawn to the feminine experience these designs offer. There are a number of transformation bikini styles including the smooth pussy look style, the small vagina camel toe look (one of my personal favorites) and the exposed labia designs. They have to be seen and experienced to understand the incredible desire they create. I have included some photos on this site. Are they main-stream yet, maybe not but with so much interest it is just a matter of time. I have seen men at some of the local beaches here in Los Angeles wearing them.

Male Enhancement Bikinis

Micro Bikinis

Semi Sheer Bikinis: Semi sheer bikinis are all the rage and the scope of how sheer some of them are is just amazing. As the name entails these designs offer a degree of sheerness ranging from sheer side panels to portions of the rear being sheer to having almost everything covered but having a full sheer panel over the shaft of the penis, in the name of fun and fashion designers have been very liberal in their use of showing off the penis for the sake of art. Many will ask why not show off one of the most beautiful appendages in all of nature and on that detail would whole heartily agree.

Sheer Bikinis: Yes there are completely sheer bikinis for men and women.  You might ask why wear a sheer bikini? Why not just go nude? That is a great question and there are a few parts to the answer. First many beaches that do not allow nude tanning will not bother you if you are wearing a completely sheer swimsuit. Fashion is a big part of wearing sheer swimwear. Using the penis as part of the design is not only fun and interesting but highly erotic and entertaining. High fashion often uses sheer fabrics to grab attention and when you think about it how much fun would you have prancing around the beach fully covered yet wearing virtually nothing. I can tell you from experience that it is a blast and in many ways more fun than going nude.

Bikinis with built in cock rings

Ass Spark powered Bikinis

Butt plug powered Bikinis

I will bet you never had any idea there were this many bikini styles for men! At Men's Thong Bikini we want you to be able to make great choices and the only way to do that is to know what styles are available.

There are just as many thong styles to choose from:

Standard Thong

String side Thong

Speedo Thongs

High Cut Thongs

Low Cut Thongs

Sheer Thongs

Semi Sheer Thongs

Micro thongs

Bulge style Thongs

Thongs with built in cock rings

Thongs with butt plugs

Ass Spark powered Thongs

Male to female transformation Thongs

Male Enhancement Thongs

Men's Bikini Thong

Men's Thong Bikini

Camel toe for men
Men's Brazilian Bikini Swimsuit

What are you looking for and what are you wearing now. Before you go out looking for men's thong bikini styles you should figure out what style of suit will be the best one to start with. You might just be ready for a micro thong if you are already at ease wearing micro bikinis but going from baggy surf shorts to  G-string might be a little too much for a first sexy swimsuit. At Men's Thong Bikini we will explain all the different styles and sub-styles, what will look best on your body, grooming for micro swimwear, pouch designs, rear designs, enhancement features, transformation styles and more. We will be giving you a real swimwear education.

Our job is to help you find the perfect swimsuit. The Men's Thong Bikini site is about what our title says. Thongs, Bikinis and more. If you are looking for swimwear that is hot, sexy and ready to grab some serious attention than this is your site. By the time you are done reading about the types and styles of men's swimwear that is now available and new designs that are coming to the market we know you are going to be floored by how awesome and extreme men's swimwear can be.